There are a few different ways to learn about HypnoBirthing:

Taster Session

Relax, Breath and Birth is an information session with a difference. 

It is a great way to find out more about the complete Wise Hippo Birthing Programme but we didn't want that to be all that this session is. 

For a very small investment of 25€ (which you get off of the price of the full course if you go ahead with that) you will learn some really useful techniques that you will able to use during your labour.

Contact me to find out when the next available session is running. 

Private Course 

The private HypnoBirthing course fee is 400€ and is arranged to suit your particular circumstances. A lovely way to learn HypnoBirthing techniques because (although we cover the entire HypnoBirthing syllabus) each lesson is tailored to your individual need and you are able to choose the dates and times that you wish to take the classes. A lot of Dads-to-be prefer this special way of learning and feel very much at ease during the session in the privacy of your own home. Contact me for further details and possible dates.

Book with a Friend

Book with a Friend Hypnobirthing - Why not share 'one to one' lessons with a friend by booking a HypnoBirthing course just for the two of you and your partners, so that you are both able to learn the techniques together. These sessions are held in 73099 Adelberg at times and dates that are mutually convenient. This option is available for 300€/couple. Contact me for further details and possible dates.

What does the price for HypnoBirthing include? 

  •  4 x 2.5 hour sessions
  • The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme manual to help structure your hypnobirthing practice at hom
  • 5 x Hypnobirthing mp3s
  •  Email / Telephone support from me up until you have your baby
  •  Attendance for both you and your birthing companion(s)
  • Refreshments

We offer follow-up support over the phone and via email for all our couples. The Wise Hippo birthing programme is a complete antenatal course so you don't need to attend any other classes.